Dorota Barová


The launch of the new CD: "feat". Guests: Tara Fuki, Lenka Dusilová, Kuzmich Orchestra, Vertigo a DoMa Ensemble, and special guest appearance by bass guitarist Jaryn Janek.
“feat.” is a compilation portrait album by Dorota Barová, one of the most distinct figures of the Czech independent music scene. Dorota Barová is endowed with a velvet alto voice, as well as being an outstanding cellist, composer and lyricist. In addition, she has a penchant for making excursions into all musical genres.  “feat.” includes not only compositions of her “home” bands (Tara Fuki, Kuzmich Orchestra, Vertigo etc.) but also tracks from recordings where Dorota has appeared as a guest vocalist (Lenka Dusilová, Květy, Jaromír Honzák Quintet, River, Frufru, Jan Burian etc.) or projects where she presented herself as the main writer or composer. The album “feat.” presents most compelling evidence that Dorota Barová is not only an excellent singer and musician, but also an accomplished writer and composer.
To summarize the album in alphabetical order - alternative, funk, heavy, jazz, pop, rock, world.  All of these diverse styles can be heard on “feat.” Dorota Barová comments on her cross-genre musical border-hopping: “Music has no boundaries, these are only created by people. I want to perceive music in this way, freely. What is important for me is the message and the people I experience the music with.” Despite this, the wide spectrum of tracks in the compilation also demonstrate common features that cannot be overlooked. Thanks to her unmistakeable style  of vocals as well as composition and arrangement, Dorota Barová’s “feat.” provides an entirely coherent musical experience.
“It was interesting to hear these tracks again after so many years. It is like browsing through your old diary. You immediately know what you were living through back then, who you were. Some things you would like to live all over again, some are just for the archives, for the sake of memory, but there are no regrets,” says Dorota Barová.


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