CocoRosie feat. Rajasthan Roots & TEZ: WE ARE ON FIRE


Since the start of the new millennium, Sierra and Bianca Casady have been conjuring up the spirit that Marcus Greil once called “weird, old America”. With their odd neo-art folk, which reabsorbs elements from hip-hop, electronica and classical music and merges with every, however obscure sound source into an organic collage, CocoRosie take a trip into an imagined past of their own selves, during which genre and gender identities only represent temporary stops. And they are restless in the real world, too: For their last album, “Grey Oceans” (2010), the nomadic sisters commuted between Buenos Aires, New York, Berlin, Paris and Melbourne. 

At a festival in Abu Dhabi they met a group of musicians from India named Rajasthan Roots and instantly the idea of a future collaboration arose, which came to light for the first time at the Kampnagel Theater in Hamburg in March 2012. The premiere was critically acclaimed and will find its continuation in July at stages across Europe.
The new single „WE ARE ON FIRE“ was recorded this past winter in LA with Dave Sitek (TV on the Radio) and early in spring of 2012 at the band's home studio in Brooklyn with Antony Hegarty (Antony and the Johnsons), this single is what we would call a double A-side single. Side A "We Are On Fire" may have won the toss up for the title track, but that doesn't imply the B-side "Tearz For Animals" (featuring the vocal stylings of Antony Hegarty) is any less fantastic! Two perfect additions to the your soundtrack to summer!
The cover image also marks the first artistic collaboration between visual artist Jesse Hazelip and Bianca, a joint effort also known as Twin Rivers. The art image for "Tearz For Animals" is a result from a prison exchange project - "drawings from the inside, between friends, as a means of hope."
But that's not all! CocoRosie are also working with the talented Emma Freeman on a forthcoming video for "We Are On Fire". Emma also directed the videos for "Lemonade" and "Gallows" from the band's last album Grey Oceans. 

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